Intertwining Art and Science, Aline Schmitt’s curriculum combines a PhD in Chemistry with a training in Ceramic Arts. Each field completes the other in a natural continuity, offering multiple and diverse skills in the service of an intention. Applying the rigor of scientific experimentation to her work, this young artist expresses her creativity by shaping matter and colors into the specific emotion she seeks to evoke.


Keeping as a guideline the will to trigger an interaction between Man and object, the creation of each piece consists of a delicate symbiosis of method and inspiration. Aline Schmitt makes use of her hands and tools to add texture to the surface of the clay. Starting from inanimate matter, she works to create a motion, and uses colors to highlight it. In the same way the light draws a set of shadows by playing with every shape on the surface, she coats each piece with a meticulous glazing ritual through which colors and textures start to resonate. From there, iridescent landscapes emerge and offer to those watching a set of shades that evolve as one circulates around the object; a witness to the passing time. Ephemeral glances at Nature, so fragile and yet unalterable. 


While pursuing her experimentation with colors, Aline Schmitt creates her sculptures in stoneware and porcelain in her workshop set in France. She intends her work to be ever evolving as, in both Nature and Art, motion creates life.